Night at the Races 9/13/14

Saturday, September 13 – Night at the Races at St. Stephen Social Hall.

Tickets are available by calling the parish office: 412-421-9210

You may also send e-mail to: jgfiglar2@aol.com

Tickets: Admission and Dinner: $15

Admission, Dinner and a Horse: $20


We are ALIVE and WELL!

Seems like an eternity since we wrote on the blog…

There are 2 great summer programs at St. Stephen:

  + Church is open for quiet prayer Monday – Friday 6:30 AM (Mass @ 7:30 AM except on

      Wednesdays – NOON on Wednesday)

  + Hazelwood Summer Life Skills Institute – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings in 

      the school building. This is a cooperative effort of Christian churches in Hazelwood.

      Complementary dinner is served each evening. ALL are welcome.


Propel coming to Hazelwood

Propel is working diligently to open an elementary school in Hazelwood beginning in August 2014.

This would be a great service to the community. Propel operates excellent charter schools, and this would be great for the children of Hazelwood who now attend one of 3 public elementary schools – none of which are in the neighborhood.

City Council representative Corey O’Connor is helping to get the occupancy permit for the former St. Stephen school building so Propel can use this building. If you’d like to express your support, you may contact Corey O’Connor: http://pittsburghpa.gov/district5/feedback


Day 2

We continue to develop the blog… trying to find a good format.

We are looking for people to help manage social media content for St. Stephen’s. Are YOU interested in helping? If so, just let us know. Please use the contact form, THANKS.